Episode 142 – “The Highlanders” – Part 02

They say that in the end, there can be only one. Yet here we are, born to be kings, and watching episode two!

Alas, both Duncan and Connor are nowhere to be seen.

Episode two begins with bagpipes, so…trigger warning.

Polly is still messing about with Kirsty, who can’t seem to stop crying, something that Poly snarks about a bit. Meantime, the English are wandering around, looking for various rebels. Kirsty and Polly manage to capture one of them, which is mildly amusing.

At the same time, the Doctor, still pretending to be German, is doing his best to tend to Jamie’s laird, with Ben lending a hand here and there. There’s an amusing moment where the subject of germs comes up, which Jamie promptly connects to the Doctor being German. Then there’s a sing-a-long. So that happens.

Polly and Kirsty have robbed the English officer they captured. Polly seems to be amused that his name is Ffinch. She makes it a point to pronounce each “f” on its own, which I find quite amusing.

The Doctor goes off and tries to do…something. I’m not quite clear what. Earning money, I believe,  by manipulating historical events. Here’s part of the problem with this story: I know very little about the history here, and it’s taken for granted that most of the audience does know it. It’s kind of like if there was an American time travel show and we went back to the American Revolution. There’d be a lot that would go unexplained because Americans would already know it. Thus is the case here, too, I think.

What follows is an amusing scene. “You suffer from headaches, yes?” There is some good comedy in this story, which does help a bit. One man says, “Dam your eyes!” and I can’t help by picture Marty Feldman.

Really, this story seems to play quite a bit like a farce at this point, not unlike “The Romans”.  That’s no bad thing; comedy plays better than action with reconstructions.


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