Episode 141 – “The Highlanders” – Part 01

Welcome to “The Highlanders”! This is a very important story in the history of the series, and in the history of the Second Doctor. For this is the story that introduces the one, the only, Jamie McCrimmon, who also added some eye-candy.

Perhaps some up-kilt action is in order?

It’s very hard to overstate the importance of Jamie in the series. He was a fantastic character, and Frazer Hines and Patrick Troughton had wonderful chemistry with each other.

We open with a battle between the Scots and the English. This is different from the usual battles which, to quote Pratchett and Gaiman, featured the Scots locked in endless combat with their mortal enemies, the Scots.

The Doctor, Ben, and Polly arrive on the scene, and I realize, to my great disappointment, that the audio in this reconstruction is shit. I can barely understand anything that anyone is saying. But, still, Jamie will be along shortly! So I will deal.

The Doctor and crew go wandering about, but it isn’t long before Jamie and his friends capture him. The Doctor sees that the local laird is lying around injured, and offers to help. The Scots agree, and all seems ok, but then the English show up.

Interestingly, there are a few video clips in this episode, including one of a soldier shooting one of Jamie’s friends. I hadn’t been aware that any video clips existed, so that’s rather neat.

Also…goodness, the Doctor is inflicting us with some horrible fake accent. Apparently German, since he says he’s Doktor von Werr. I’m not sure what the Doctor thinks a German accent sounds like, but I’m pretty sure it’s not like that.

We then cut to a scene of people scheming and plotting. I know this because of the evil chuckle one gives, and not because of any of the dialogue, which I honestly can only barely understand.

Some of the Scots are about to be hanged, but the Doctor pops up and Germans at them for a bit. He tries to convince them that they can’t legally hang the Scotsmen, and they seem to buy it, after a fashion.

While all of this is happening, Polly and a Scottish woman are running around doing…something. I can’t entirely tell what, but they do at least have a plan to try and deal with the various menfolk being in jail. Or, if you prefer, gaol. The Scots woman has a “precious ring”. Oh, dear…


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