Episode 140 – “Power of the Daleks” – Part 06

Here we are, at the end of the first Troughton serial, and the last story to feature the Daleks until…well, until about six stories from now when they come back. Sigh.

The Power of the Daleks 6
Though to be fair, it’s the Cybermen who get overused in this era.

The Doctor tries to go and put a stop to the Daleks, and is told by them to leave or die. Likewise, the man who seized control of the colony also has plans to kill basically everyone. So, good, good. Sounds fun.

Our new governor seems to think he’s in charge, which I’m sure the Daleks find as amusing as they can. Meantime, the Doctor is now reunited with both Polly and Ben, which is good.

Vioence happens, and we get a very annoying fight scene to watch. First off, it’s still photos, which…yeah. Second, the tracking was clearly off on whatever VHS copy this was taken from, since the screen keeps messing up.

Now the Daleks are slaughtering everyone, as they do. Still photos, tracking, meh. At least the sound quality is decent, but I’ve very quickly lost track of what exactly is going on.

Soon the Daleks are destroyed, possibly forever, as they so often are. This time the Doctor defeats them with electrical stuff. The evil new governor is killed, and victory happens. Hooray and stuff. Then the Doctor and team fly away. Eh.

On the plus side, next time we get Jamie!


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