Episode 139 – “Power of the Daleks” – Part 05

Five of six! Only one more episode to go! Hooray! I’ve had enough of these pervy Daleks!

hqdefault (1)
Clearly they’re thinking about Katy Manning again.

So the Daleks have a production line going, cranking out more and more of them. Watching the short vid clip of their line is kind of neat! Then seeing a bunch of still photos of them talking about how wonderful they are is less neat.

Lesterson seems to be quite broken. Not much of a surprise there. He’s confronted by a Dalek and panics. The Daleks basically ignore him and continue on with their sinister scheming.

Meantime, the Doctor is still chilling, little bit of illing, while in a cell. He’s also making an annoying sound by dragging his finger along a glass, trying to use that to open the cell door. Quite a clever idea, in fact.

As for Lesterson, he tries to do the right thing, but no one will pay attention to him. Part of this is because one of the people he tells is trying to manipulate the Daleks for her own purposes. Shortly after this, the governor is deposed in a lovely little coup. Technically a bloodless one, since he’s killed by a Dalek, and that doesn’t seem to leave any blood.

The Doctor, having escaped, is reunited with Polly. They two then narrowly avoid being captured by the Daleks, who still haven’t realized that this is, in fact, the same “the Doctor” who has caused them many problems.

We then go to a little video clip of the Daleks cheering themselves on, and the hilarious part is that they’re standing in front of what are clearly cardboard cut-outs of Daleks. Well, then.


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