Episode 137 – “Power of the Daleks” – Part 03

And here we are, at the half-way point with the aptly named Part Three!

Part, episode, whatever. Six of one.

When last we saw our heroes, there was a Dalek babbling about being the next Jeeves, while the Doctor looked at it in mix of bafflement and horror. The people on Vulcan (oh, that’s the name of this planet. Make your own joke), want to continue researching the Daleks, even as the Doctor constantly warns them against doing so.

The Dalek is stupidly pretending to be a servant, so the Doctor orders it to immobilize itself. It does, but then quickly figures out a way around that, but pointing that if it’s immobilized, it can’t serve anyone. I’ve no doubt it wants…To Serve Man!

I must say this particular reconstruction is unusual for a few reasons. First off, it’s made of telesnaps, as near as I can tell. Second, it’s very physically shaky. The screen twitches and bounces a lot. It’s only really noticeable in this episode, but it is very annoying.

The scientists are spending time testing the Dalek to see how smart it is, as the Doctor mucks around, trying to destroy it. He almost succeeds, getting it to try to fire its gun at him. The science-types still seem unconvinced of it as a threat. Which…makes sense, it the Doctor attacked it, after all.

Polly gets kidnapped, Ben gets agitated, and we watch the Doctor playing his recorder. So that’s all stuff that’s happening. Meantime, one of the scientists, Lesterson, according to the subtitles, is continuing to interview the Dalek, who is starting to drop hints that it’s not terribly pleasant. Soon Lesterson leaves, and the Dalek starts messing around with stuff, as they do.

The Doctor makes his way to the capsule, argues with the Dalek briefly, and then sees two more. Then we get the first occurrence of that immortal line, “When I say run, run!” Excellent.


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