Episode 136 – “Power of the Daleks” – Part 02

Turns out that the story is actually called “The Power of the Daleks”, but…eh. I’m too lazy to go back and change things.

Almost as lazy as the writers are for using the Daleks for the fifth time in four seasons.

When last we saw Team TARDIS, they were checking out a bunch of Daleks they found. As they do, one skitters along the ground, minus his battlemech. The Doctor spends quite a bit of time trying to catch it, as Ben grouses about the “real Doctor” talking about Daleks at various points.

The Doctor quickly figures out that at least one perosn at the base they’re at was already aware of the Daleks and is planning to revive them for some sort of sinister purpose. We don’t know what yet, but one can assume that it wouldn’t be, say, having them act as servants and bring people coffee.

As I watch a couple of scientists messing about the with a Dalek, I’m reminded of a Ninth Doctor episode I’m looking forward to. That’s not a bad thing.

Drama continues with the base apparently dealing with some sort of rebels or something. I get a sinking feeling as I realize that, sadly, this means this will probably end up being one of those stories. You know the kind; way too many parts, and too much time focusing on supporting characters that I really don’t care about.

Soon there’s an inquiry, and the Dalek comes to life. It seems to somehow know the Doctor, and begins to trundle about saying, “I-am-your-servant!” It’s actually…mildly creepy! Hopefully this is a good sign.


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