Episode 135 – “Power of the Daleks” – Part 01

A new Doctor, a new look to the site, and the same old villains. Yes, back again after a reasonably long abscence, we have…the Daleks!

And welcome aboard, Mr Troughton!

We also have, of course, the new Doctor. Patrick Troughton has wandered onto the scene, bringing with him a very different energy. He’s younger, sillier, and generally much more engaging than the First Doctor. He’s also very much the reason that we’ve had Doctors Three through Twelve. Can you imagine if this one had failed?

Alas, this first story with the Second Doctor is completely missing. Nevertheless, we have the usual reconstruction efforts, and so through that, I get to experience the show.

When we last saw the Doctor, he had just regenerated, though it wasn’t called that then. Ben and Polly watched in a sort of shock and surprise I can imagine was only equaled by the audiences at the time.

We get a bit of weirdness from the new Doctor, with Polly accepting that he is, in fact, the Doctor, and Ben denying this. Then we get a short video clip, of the Doctor mugging at the camera. So the first time we see the new Doctor he’s got a weird smirk. Kind of fitting, really.

There’s a bit of an odd scene where the Doctor looks into a mirror and sees the First Doctor staring back at him. We never get that sort of thing again, which is very much for the best.

Our heroes arrive on a strange and alien planet, though not before the Doctor finds a recorder; one of two items that will really mark this era in the show. He leads Ben and Polly out onto a rather nasty landscape, which looks quite interesting. I really wish we had video here.

Then a man shows up and gets shot. So that’s a thing.

Fortunately, the dead man has a badge that advertises him as an inspector and grants him full-access to the facilities on this world. Convenient, that. Or contrived. Anyhow, he and his companions are soon rescued and taken to a base.

Naturally there is, inside the space, much skepticism, and some secrets. Of course, judging by the title of the story, I think we can pretty much guess what the main secret might be…


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