My Thoughts on Story 029 – “The Tenth Planet”

Our time with the First Doctor is all but done. He’ll be back in “The Three Doctors”, and the character, if not the actor William Hartnell, will return in “The Five Doctors”. But this story was his final regular appearance.

Also, this was a thing. Yep.

It must be said that “The Tenth Planet” isn’t a bad story. The Cybermen are decent villains, though not as much so as they became later, and the base commander is an interesting adversary. The acting is good, with some decent American accents for a change, and the overall story is reasonably good.

But the best one can say about all of it is “reasonably good”. None of it is great. It’s far from clear exactly why the Doctor regenerated, and though it’s not the fault of anyone, the absence of the Doctor through the entire third episode really holds back the story.

Then there’s the Mondas situation. What an extremely stupid execution of a not-horrible idea. The concept of a twin planet to Earth that had existed on the other side of the sun was plausible for most of human history. But the concept that it would look just like Earth, just upside-down is stupid beyond all belief.

Still…not a horrible story, and not even the worst of the regeneration stories, as we’ll see later on. That’s right. I have you in my sights, “Time and the Rani”!

Writer Kit Pedler
Gerry Davis (episodes 3, 4)
Director Derek Martinus
Script editor Gerry Davis
Producer Innes Lloyd
Incidental music composer Stock music
Production code DD
Series Season 4
Length 4 episodes, 25 minutes each
Episode(s) missing 1 episode (4)
Date started 8 October 1966
Date ended 29 October 1966

Next story: Dr. Who and the Daleks!


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