Episode 134 – “The Tenth Planet” – Part 04

And so we reach the end. 134 episode, nine companions, twenty-nine stories, and now we’re at the end. The very last of the First Doctor stories.

No joke here. We salute you, Mister Hartnell. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Sadly, though this is the last First Doctor episode, the episode itself no longer exists. Instead we have another animated reconstruction. Still, something is better than nothing, and this is certainly better than reconstructions made with still photos.

We start by resolving the cliffhanger from last time. In this case, it’s resolved by the rocket that the base had planned to launch fizzling on the launch pad and not leaving the ground.

The Doctor wanders in, exhausted, and saying, “This body of mine is wearing a bit thin.” The idea, from what I understand, is that influence from Mondas is somehow killing him, but that never made much sense to me.

Meantime, the base commander has gone full Queeg, pulling a gun on one of his men and everything. Before he can kill the Doctor and the others, the Cybermen show up and kill him. The Doctor then tries to enter into negotiation with them, which doesn’t meet with much success, though it seems to at first.

The Doctor gets in touch with Geneva, only to find out that the Cybermen has basically already invaded and shown up all around the world, including in in Geneva. The Doctor quickly figures out that the Cybermen plan to destroy the world, which…ok. I guess.

Ben and a bunch of solders are working on the missile, when Ben deduces that the Cybermen are weak to radiation. Soon there’s a stalemate.

I’m a little unclear as to why the Cybermen want to retain Mondas. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to take over the Earth and evacuate to it? Earth has all the resources they need. Surely they don’t have an emotional attachment to Mondas? Mind you, I’m still very unclear as to what exactly is wrong with the planet.

The Cybermen begin pumping poison gas into the missile chamber. I’m a bit confused as to how that happens. Wouldn’t a chamber like this have an airtight door? Anyhow, the Cybermen are basically defeated now, and we get to watch Mondas break apart, for some reason. This causes the Cybermen to collapse and basically melt. Again, for some reason.

Alas, as we learn, recent events have left the Doctor quite drained, and barely able to function. He staggers to his feet, and with the help of Ben and Polly, he gets back into the TARDIS. Once there, the most extraordinary thing happens, as the Doctor experiences an eerie transformation…

And with that, the First Doctor’s era ends, and the Second Doctor’s begins…

Next time: Doctor Who and the Daleks!


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