Episode 130 – “The Smugglers” – Part Four

Many things are ending here. This story ends, thank goodness. This is also the last fully-missing Hartnell serial, and this particular episode is the final reconstruction of the First Doctor’s era. I almost feel a little broken-hearted at that.

“Stabbed through the heart, and you’re to blame! Darlin,’ you give Who a bad name!”

We get a bit of a resolution to the cliffhanger from last time, and then cut to a man on a horse in a field. Then we go back to the crypt, and I really still can’t understand much of the dialogue, which is a shame, as something is actually happening.

Then we cut to the beach, where boat stuff is happening. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

More stuff happens, and honestly, I’ve pretty much tuned-out. I’ve lost track of this story long, long, ago, and there’s nothing I’m seeing that’s making me interested in trying to catch up. One can only take so many “exciting” sword-fights made up of still photos before losing interest.

So with that in mind, let’s just say that the story ends, the Doctor and his friends leave, and we’re off to meet the Cybermen for the first time!

Next time: “The Tenth Planet”


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