Episode 129 – “The Smugglers” – Part Three

Here’s episode three. I motivate myself to continue by remembering that there’s only one more episode after this one! Hooray!

And you might expect a #blacklivesmatter joke here, but no.

So…things continue to be happening, and I continue to have a tough time understanding exactly what’s going on. I’ve gathered that there’s a tax man who’s showed up, and people are denying that they tried to kill him.

We then cut to the Doctor, who’s sitting around doing card tricks. He seems to be trying to do fortune telling. I’m not sure why, though it’s probably a decent way to gain power over the gullible.

Apparently the black guy in this story is named Jamaica. That’s creative.

Meantime, Ben and Polly are trying to talk with some guy about…something. I can’t entirely say what. They’re interrupted by the arrival of the Doctor, which is for the best.

The Doctor gets threatened and then we go to a tense scene with Jamaica being killed by one of the bad guys. And…it’s in full video, which is a plus. A censor clip, I assume.

Ben seems to have found a way back to the TARDIS. The Doctor seems less-than-excited about all this. He has some moral obligation to stick around and lend a hand to prevent the local village from being destroyed.

A few more things happen, and we then cut to the TARDIS team standing around in a graveyard. Ben reads off some information from one of the stones which leads the Doctor to remember the riddle he’d heard back in episode one. Other people show up, and we have your basic tense confrontation which ends in violence and a video clip!

Next time: Part four!


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