Episode 128 – “The Smugglers” – Part Two

Time for part two of our epic story, and I’m somehow thinking, just from the screenshot I found, that this is perhaps not going to be the best story ever.

Oh, dear.

The Doctor is being menaced by a guy with a knife, and I really have very little idea what’s going on at this point. I know there’s a treasure that’s being sought, smugglers trying to offload cargo, and something involving pirates. Thank you, TARDIS Wikia.

So the sound problem continues to be a problem, and the Cornish accents don’t help. I’m learning to understand them a bit, but man, is it ever a challenge.

Ben and Polly are currently imprisoned, but it looks like they’re putting forth some effort to change that. Polly plays sick, and two guys with accents I can’t understand have a conversation. So…I think Ben and Polly are out of jail now? Maybe they’ve joined up with the smugglers.

Meantime, at the sea, we have some guys tooling around on a ship. It’s in this scene that I learn the character Kewper is pronounced like “cooper”, so one who makes barrels. Not sure why the odd spelling, but maybe it’s a Cornish thing.

Not sure where the Doctor is at this point, either. He’s missing, at much is certain. Perhaps Hartnell needed one last vacation before filming his final, what, seven episodes? Six? I know he’s not in the third one in the next story. Man, that guy was a walking train-wreck when it comes to health.

Ah, and here he is, showing up at the very end. Well done!

Next time: Part three!


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