Episode 127 – “The Smugglers” – Part One

And so our foray into a new era continues. Two new companions, a fading Doctor, and a new adventure! Surely this will be epic and wonderful!

“Why do you keep calling me Shirley?”

Loose Cannon is back again with a reconstruction. This one is, obviously, “The Smugglers”, and they’re staging it very oddly. First off, they play the entire final scene from the previous episode. Then we get the theme from “Trial of a Time Lord” playing over stills of the actors. Finally we get the proper opening credits. Weird.

The Doctor is very unhappy to see Ben and Polly. Ben is concerned because he needs to get to his ship, thus setting the stage for the priorities of a certain air hostess.

Again I notice we’re having sound issues. A pity.

The TARDIS arrives on a beach, nowhere near London. Alas, no space helmets for cows are anywhere the area. Polly deduces that they are in Cornwall. They go running off and the Doctor eventually follows. They soon find themselves at a shack, and knock on the door. Out comes an armed man. This is promising.

Looking closely, I notice he’s a priest. This is still not encouraging, and I really can only barely understand what he’s saying. And it’s here that I give up trying. So I’m going to pause the video and take a moment to read the TARDIS wiki article on this story.

Ok, done. And now I’m reminded that this story servers as a sort-of sequel to the Eleventh Doctor story “The Curse of the Black Spot”. Neat!

Polly keeps being mistaken for a boy, which causes much amusement for Ben.

Two guys argue and one gets a knife in the back.. There’s an actual video clip featuring this. I’m guessing it’s one of the famous Australian censor clips; portions of the story that were cut for being too violent. Not long after, we have what looks like some 16mm clolour footage of some men with a cart. Apparently someone was on the set that day, shooting some stuff.

Well, so far I am indeed very bored with this story. It isn’t helped by the reconstruction nature, nor by the soundtrack. But hopefully things will improve soon.

Next time: Part two!


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