Episode 125 – “The War Machines” – Part Three

So we now get to see more of the titular war machines themselves. They’re pretty laughable. It’s yet another effort at creating something more popular than the Daleks, and it…doesn’t exactly work.

Not even when people pose dramatically around it.

These things do not look even remotely threatening, it must be said. I mean, an RPG took out a Dalek. I’m pretty sure the only reason someone might hesitate before using one on one of these is in case it punched right through and damaged something important on the other side.

Anyhow, Ben nearly escapes from being held by WOTAN and friends, but is stopped by Polly, who appears to have been hypnotized.Then we go to the WOTAN HQ, where a series of ever-closer shots on the two main bad guys gives us some movement forward in the plot.

Ben makes good his escape, heading of to find the Doctor. He finds him and tells him what’s been going on. Sir Charles, a man the Doctor has been crashing with, is skeptical, but the Doctor believes it. He and Ben leave as Sir Charles tries to do the right thing and warn the authorities.

The army gets sent in to stop this, though I’m not quite sure why the Counter-Measures Group isn’t called in instead, but there you are. Anyhow, we get some exciting, “oooo, look, we have a budget!” footage of a bunch of military types moving in, and then we go to the sort of battle sequence we later got used to seeing during the Pertwee years.

I will say, though, that the show got much better at filming these kinds of scenes later. In this case, it’s awkwardly-staged, and goes on entirely too long, with some annoying sound effects.

I’m also not entirely sure why all the guns aren’t firing. At first it seemed like someone just forgot to put in the sound effects, but we’re told they’re jamming, though I have no idea why.

And then the best shot of the serial. All the military men running off to hide as the Doctor stands defiantly in the path of the oncoming war machine.

Next time: Part four!


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