Character Profile – Steven Taylor

Well, Steven has gone. He was the last male to travel solo with the Doctor until, let me think…Adric? He doesn’t really count that much, though, so maybe Turlough?

More interesting than Turlough, mind you.

Steven was a space pilot; an astronaut from the distant future, centuries on. This was essentially an informed attribute, since we never saw him put his piloting skills to the test, though Big Finish allowed him to do so years later.

As befits someone of that background, Steven was generally fairly brave and intelligent. He wasn’t afraid to fight his way out of a problem, but was also quite comfortable thinking his way out of one. In that matter he’s not entirely dissimilar to Captain James T Kirk.

And in fact, Kirk is a good comparison. The two characters were on TV at roughly the same time, and had much in common. One could easily see someone like Steven aboard the Enterprise, and it’s certainly simple to picture Kirk on the TARDIS.

Sadly, Steven didn’t really get much character development on the TV series. As with most other companions, he’s pretty much the same at the end of his adventures as he was at the start.

The character, and the actor, Peter Purves, returned in audio form with Big Finish. Beginning several years ago, they started featuring him, and that’s been to the character’s benefit. He still hasn’t had much character development, but at least he got to use his piloting skills.

Overall, Steven was a good companion; a younger, capable man who was a nice contrast to the Doctor’s older, more gruff personality. He was fun to have around, and I will miss him. But at least I have Jamie to look forward to!


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