Episode 122 – “The Savages” – Part Four

When last we saw our heroes, they were…breathing in some sort of gas, I guess. I dunno. I stopped paying attention long ago.

But it’s Steven’s last episode, so I’ll try my best.

The TARDIS team escapes, due in part to help from the one bad guy who think he’s the Doctor. They run into some of the savages, and try to get some help for the Doctor.Oh, and we’re treated to another video clip of Steven. He’s not doing much, but hey!

Meantime, one of the savages, a woman, has found a man from the city who is injured and she’s trying to nurse him back to health. This is not well-received by the others, who want to kill him. There’s some discussion and some fight, and lots of yawns from me.

The Doctor runs into some savages and instructs them not to harm some particular person. I think the person in question is the one with the Doctor’s brain inside his head.

Oh, and another little video clip. Two, in fact! Neat!

The Doctor is starting to recover, and makes it clear that he plans to put an end to the nonsense that’s been going on.

It sounds like this one savage is named J-Lo, which is making me chuckle. J-Lo urges them to shut down the scene, and there’s a battle, complete with a tiny video clip.

Once the violence subsides, the savages and the others decide to work together to build a new and better world, and they want the Doctor to lead them! He turns down the offer, and then Steven is asked. He agrees, and so we lose another companion. The last one ran off to be a queen in Troy, and this one leaves to be a king among men.

And so we move on to our next story, the last fully-intact First Doctor story! We’re nearing the end.

Next time: “The War Machines” – Part One


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