Episode 121 – “The Savages” – Part 03

Well, here we are, episode three. Only one more to go on this rather boring story. I’m looking forward to the end.

Though probably not as much as these guys were.

I’m very glad there’s a little recap of what happened in the previous episode, because frankly I’d forgotten where we’d left this story. Let’s see, the Doctor is having his “totally not a soul” drained from his body. Aaaaaand…I’m caught up.

One of the officials tells someone to send out patrols, and I could swear that he says, “Captain Neida”. Which I doubt, but it made me smile a bit.

As for Steven and Dodo, they’re being escorted into a place that even the cops don’t go. They’re being sent there for their own safety. Sounds like it should be fun.

And yet, it’s really just boring. Even by the standards of boredom to which I have become accustomed lately, this is pretty dull.

Meantime, back in the science area, science things are happening. I guess. Again, quite dull, but at least it’s very short, and then we go back to the savages, who are now arguing over what to do with Steven and Dodo.

Ha. One of the civilized types has absorbed the Doctor’s life essence, and now is talking like the Doctor. That amuses me.

Oh, my! A very small video clip. Only about two seconds, but I’ll take what I can get.

Steven and Dodo come across the Doctor, who is in less than great shape. He’s stumbling, incoherent. Great. Clearly Hartnell needs another vacation.

Next time: “Part four”


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