Episode 120 – “The Savages” – Part Two

So we have Dodo being menaced by a mysterious mystery man of a mysterious nature. Then some doors close. Man, they really knew how to make a cliffhanger work back during the old series, didn’t they?


We go from there to a lab where sinister people are doing sinister things to remove someone’s soul life essence. Steven is trying to find Dodo as this happens, and someone suggests that maybe she’s playing a game, and hiding. He replies, “Not even Dodo is as stupid as that.” He later fires off a comment about how if something wasn’t allowed, Dod would be the first to do it. This is rather a bitter side to Steven, I feel, and it seems just a bit out of place.

Dodo is eventually found, though so far, the Doctor is missing. Presumably Hartnell was on one of his thrice weekly vacations at this point.

Of course, just after I type that, we see that he’s sitting around discussing philosophy and flubbing lines. Alrighty, then.

The Doctor leads Dodo and Steven off to a secluded area, planning to chat with them, and flubs another line. Before they can make much progress in their discussion, one of the city guard types shows up and pushes the Doctor around. The Doctor gets so uptight about this that he claims to be a human being. That’s a bit odd, since from the very first episode, we knew that he’s not human. But perhaps the term was just used differently back then?

Steven and Dodo are confronted by the savages, and they keep referring to “the city”. You know, it’s odd how many sci-fi worlds seem to have only one actual city on them. I’ve never quite understood that trope.

Now the bad guys have the Doctor in their clutches and plan to put him through their soul-draining process. On the plus side, it’s a chance for Hartnell to lie there and do nothing for several minutes, which was probably appreciated at this point in his life.

Next time: “The Savages” – Part Three


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