Episode 119 – “The Savages” – Part One

So we’re now to a point where the series has stopped using different names for each individual episode. This is a vast improvement, and a great turning point for the series.

Alas, the hats have yet to experience the same level of improvement.

So our heroes have arrived on a strange planet. The Doctor immediately goes wandering off, unaware that he’s being followed, while Dodo and Steven bicker in the TARDIS about whether or not they should have let him leave.

This is Steven’s last story, which is sad. This is also a reconstruction-heavy story, as all the episodes are missing. I’m only a few minutes in, and I already suspect this won’t wind up being a good thing.

Dodo sees someone watching them, and screams, because…she’s a woman? Why wouldn’t she just wave and say, “Hi!” or something? He’s not even doing anything threatening; he’s just standing there. By contrast, the Doctor is actually being stalked, and still greets his stalkers with a happy, “Hello!”

The Doctor is carrying a, “reacting vibrator”. Ahem-hem.

The locals seem reasonably friendly toward the Doctor, telling him his arrival was predicted. He goes off with them, though reluctantly. Meantime, someone chucks a spear at Dodo. So much for a friendly greeting.

I don’t often note the music, but the music here is quite interesting, and in a good way.

Our heroes all get led away to a city, where the Doctor receives a friendly welcome. They do seem to have legitimately been tracking the Doctor’s movements through space and time, which begs a number of questions.

I’m amused to note that the guys who patrol outside the city seem to basically be dressed as players of American football. It’s kind of hilarious.

So apparently the civilized people are, essentially, eating people’s souls to survive.Of course, since this is science fiction, they’re not souls, but rather “energy of life”. *slow eye roll* I hate that trope so much.

There’s a character here named Avon. Alas, he is not played by Paul Darrow.

Next time: Part two!


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