My Thoughts on Story 025 – “The Gunfighters”

Howdy there, pardner! Come here and set a spell. You’re lookin’ a mite thirsty! Here, have a glass of some primo firewater, and listen up to The Ballad of the Gunfighters!



So turn on your TV,
And put up your feet.
The day’s long behind you,
This story’s kind of neat.
So come, all you Who fans
Let’s relax and enjoy,
Till you come across those accents,
In The Last Chance Saloon.


The story was not bad,
The premise was quite good.
But then there’s the accents,
Not sounding like they should.
The Pecos via England!
It really hurts my ears,
And makes me question God,
At the Last Chance Saloon.


It’s better than I recall,
With some solid acting.
The Doctor came to Tombstone
And we heard some signing.
On the whole it wasn’t bad
At least there were no Daleks,
Just don’t discuss the history
Of the Last Chance Saloon!
Writer Donald Cotton
Director Rex Tucker
Script editor Gerry Davis
Producer Innes Lloyd
Executive producer(s) None
Incidental music composer Tristram Cary
Production code Z
Series Season 3
Length 4 episodes, 25 minutes each
Date started 30 April 1966
Date ended 21 May 1966

Next episode: “Dr. Who and the Savages”

Next story: “The Savages”


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