Episode 118 – “The OK Corral”

It’s interesting to realize that I’m watching a story that takes place less than a day’s drive from where I live. Ah, lovely Arizona, with it’s wonderful history of quality law enforcement.

Still a better lawman than certain Arizonans I could mention.

Charlie is dead, to begin with, and Wyatt Earp’s brother has been shot. And as we can see above, the Doctor has been made a deputy. He seems less-than-thrilled with this. To be fair, the leader of the Clantons seems rather a bit unhappy at the shooting of Warren Earp, knowing that this means war!

Bat Masterson tries to talk Wyatt out of his plans for something¬†very unpleasant. This fails, and Earp relays a message to the Clantons to meet up at the OK Corral. I’m sure this will end well for all involved.

Dodo finally shows up, having escorted Holliday to the sheriff’s office, where he signs up to fight alongside the Earps against the Clantons.

I will say some of the actors here really are doing a good job. The actors playing Wyatt, Masterson, and Pa Clanton all turn in an excellent performance, accents and all. Then there are those others, with their “here it is, there it goes” accents.So hit and miss.

Johnny Ringo proves to be quite useless for a man who has an entire episode named after him. He tries to shoot Holliday, fails, takes Dodo hostage, and then manages to get himself killed. Well done, him.

The actual gunfight, it must be said, is rather well-done. Nicely staged, with some good action. I’d like to see what the series would do with something like this these days. But even as it is, it’s better than one might expect.

The Clantons are defeated, and we get one last set of verses to “The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon”. Then our heroes leave, soon to find themselves in a strange, alien place, and, alas, Steven’s last story.

Next time: “Dr. Who and the Savages”


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