Episode 117 – “Johnny Ringo”

Back again, after being gone for two days. Why was I gone? Because I was! Yay! Logic!

“You keep using that word. I don’t reckon it means what you reckon it means.”

Steven is still facing a lynching, and the Doctor is hanging out at the jail, trying to figure out how to resolve the situation. Before he can, the situation gets itself resolved by a nice little deus ex marshalia. The Doctor sulks a bit and then goes wandering off.

Meantime, the Clanton boys are back at the saloon gettin’ all liquored up. Steven and the Doctor end up there not long after, and the bartender tells them all about Dodo and her current situation. We cut to that, finding her still being held prisoner by Holiday and his woman.

Johnny Ringo arrives in town not long after this. He and Charlie, the bartender, have a little conversation of the sort that one often sees in these kind of stories. Johnny shoots Charlie after the latter flaps his gums a bit too much, and we then have the singer continuing to sing her little song.

Man, I’m sick of that song. I haven’t given it much mention here, but it’s really annoying and plays through the whole story.

The next morning, the Doctor and Steven meet up with Johnny and Charlie’s corpse. The dead body doesn’t seem to alarm them as much as it should. The Doctor soon winds up at the sheriff’s office and mentions Charlie’s death. Everyone seems fairly disappointed.

They all leave, with one of the Clantons and Wyatt Earp’s brother remaining behind. They banter a bit and then the rest of the Clantons show up to free their brother. Earp tries to stand up to them, which doesn’t end especially well for him.

And we queue up for the next and final episode!

Next time: “The OK Corral”


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