Episode 116 – “Don’t Shoot the Pianist”

Well, here we are, the second episode in this story. And with a title like this, there’s only one thing I can say.

“Have you ever heard the one about the man with the twelve inch pianist?”

Steven and Dodo are saved from having to continue to sing, and Holiday is plotting his…well, holiday from being himself. As for the Doctor…well, he shows up just after the nick of time.

The Doctor finally figures out that people are confusing him for Doc Holiday. There’s a confrontation that ends with Steven basically holding all the guns. Earp then shows up and tries to restore order, which includes arresting the Doctor.

Looking closely at Holiday, I have to say the actor playing him looks quite a bit older than Holiday himself actually was. Holiday died at 36, was only 30 at the time of the gunfigh in question, and this guy was pushing 50, according to IMDB.

The Clantons pressure Steven into giving the Doctor a gun. The Doctor promptly hands the gun over to Earp, who seems mildly amused by the whole situation.

Holiday has been keeping low in a room in the hotel, holding Dodo hostage. He comes downstairs as a riot hits the town and promptly shoots and kills a man, who falls back against a very wobbly bar.

Meantime, at the jail, we see the lynch mob showing up with intention to do nastiness!

Next time: “Johnny Ringo”


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