Episode 114 – “The Final Test”

And here we are, the last story in this series! I’m very glad we’re winding it up. It hasn’t been actually bad, really, but it hasn’t been very good, and has been quite boring.

Also, this character is supposed to be a schoolboy, but…no. Just…no.

Happily for this last episode, we’re back in full, glorious motion. We’ll see if this improves my views on this story at all.

So Steven and Dodo are being put into a real life version of “the floor is lava”, which we all played as kids. We also still have the Doctor being a disembodied hand, for reasons very unclear to me. That, Michael Gough manages to be far more menacing now than he has been.

As I watch this, I’m having flashbacks to one of the less-than-great early episodes of Deep Space Nine. Watching people play these games is every bit as exiting as watching Kira play hopscotch.

Steven gets fed up with the antics of the game and tries to cheat, bypassing the rest of the course. This works about as well as one would be expected, as he learns what an invisible barrier looks like.

So the obnoxious school”boy” basically cheats his way to victory, but then falls onto electrified floor, killing himself. This gives Steven and Dodo a chance to advance to the TARDIS, which I can’t help but notice appears to be on casters.

There’s a final set of scenes where the Doctor proceeds to trick the Toymaker and allow them to escape, and stuff. It’s a bit of an odd ending to a very odd story. Annoyingly, it makes me look forward to what’s next, and I know all to well what’s next.

Next time: “Holiday for the Doctor”


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