Episode 113 – “The Dancing Floor”

Back again with riddles, puzzles, games, and questionable fashion choices!

I mean, Vernon Dursley cosplay? Really?

The Toymaker appears to be pleased at what’s going on, what with Steven and Dodo defeating his various plans. He decides to “reward” them by siccing some ballet dancing dolls at him. As one does.

They then run into a cook and a soldier, both of whom looks suspiciously familiar. They engage in some banter, with the soldier going on about “the Iron Duke”, and Madame Edith making what one assumes is an explosive Christmas pudding.

The Doctor appears to be back from his vacation, with the Toymaker pestering him to go faster. I can feel your pain, Toyman, believe me.

Meantime, the soldier and Madame Edith are fighting it out, in what is possibly the least interesting fight I’ve “seen” so far. Gotta love the reconstructions!

Steven and Dodo take advantage of the fight to run for it, we’re treated to over a minute of a still frame shot of ballet dancers, apparently dancing, and I yawn and take a look at the remaining run time. 10 more minutes. Sigh.

It’s hard to put into words just how boring this all is at this point. The reconstructions are as good as can be expected here, but they just do not work for the material. It’s a shame. I don’t know that this would be a good story in full video, but I guess I’ll find out soon, since the next episode is in full, glorious motion!

Next time: “The Final Test”


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