Episode 112 – “The Hall of Dolls”

Our story continues with a riddle!

“If not on a plateau, where would you find a gateau?”

Steven and Dodo are currently trying to solve a bit of a riddle, and having mixed success. Meantime, the Doctor is trying to work his way through the logic puzzle the Toymaker has left for him.

The Doctor does his best to offer some help to his friends, and the Toymaker responds by removing him from the episode so that Hartnell can have another vacation. Alrighty, then.

Steven and Dodo wind up in a pair of rooms with seven chairs, only one of which won’t kill them upon sitting. There are also some large-sized dolls that they can possibly use to figure out which of the chairs is safe.

Madame Edith and friend have turned up again, and it seems that they’re victims of the Toymaker themselves; forced to work for him after failing their tests. That’s not not creepy.

Also vaguely strange? Hearing Carmen Silvera speak with an English accent rather than a comedy French accent.

Steven and Dodo begin to use various dolls in a process of elimination to determine which of the chairs is safe. This is probably only slightly more exciting in video form than it is in reconstructed form.

Next time: “The Dancing Floor”


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