Episode 110 – “The Bomb”

So when last we saw our heroes…oh, screw it. I want to make this joke, so let’s get to it.

“Someone set up us the bomb!”

The Monoids are spending much time wondering what became of their cohort who was blown up on Refusus. I assume Nobody killed him, because I can’t get tired of that reference. Meantime, Dodo and the Doctor are talking with the invisible Refusian, and Steven is still doing Steven things. Trying to coordinate an uprising, I guess.

The Monoids head down to Refusus. They leave a bomb behind, as one does. No real idea why they do this, but I guess it’s because they’re so deliciously¬†evil!

When the Monoids get down to the planet they find the Doctor and Dodo. Meantime, up on the spaceship there’s much discussion of what to do, and frankly at this point the story is severely lagging. I’m really getting quite bored of it.

Violence happens, the Monoids are defeated, our heroes leave, and Dodo changes clothes. Then the Doctor disappears, only to show up in the next story!

Next time: “The Celestial Toyroom”


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