Episode 109 – “The Return”

Careful readers may have noticed that I missed the last couple of days. I’ve been sick. It sucks. There you are. I’ve decided that henceforth, I won’t bother to explain why I miss a day here and there. I might be seeing a movie, or traveling, or ill. I’m still going to try to do an episode every single day, but please forgive me if I fail.

The Ark (1)
Also, it seems the Monoids are Beatles fans. Who knew?

So last time, the TARDIS left, and returned apparently only moments later. However as our friends explored around, they found a statue that had been under construction, and noticed that a: it was finished, and b: it showed a Monoid, instead of a human as planned.

I had forgotten about this aspect of the story! I rather like it. It’s nice to see the series using time travel in something other than a timey-wimey kind of way.

Team TARDIS discovers that the humans on the ship are now, some several hundred years after we saw them before, slaves to the Monoids, who also seem to be able to talk now.

So we find out at the Monoids basically took over and enslaved the humans, which is pretty obvious. Soon they enslave the Doctor and friends, sending them to the kitchen to work. Seems like a bit of a waste, but there you are.

There’s an attempted, but failed, slave revolt that lasts about twenty seconds, and then we see the Doctor, Dodo, a human, and a Monoid all heading down to the planet Refusus; the eventual destination of the ark. The plan is to get out, have a look around, and figure out if it’s safe for the Monoids.

At first the place seems to be deserted, but we in the audience quickly see, as it were, that there’s someone invisible running around doing things. There’s also a settlement off the distance, which is a bit of a hint to everyone on screen that maybe someone lives here.

We soon find out that the invisible people were made that way due to a solar flare. Oooookay. No reason is given why that didn’t make everything else organic invisible. We also learn that the Monoids plan to kill all humans and take the planet for themselves. No real shock there.

And the episode ends with one human being killed by a Monoid, and said Monoid being blown up by a Refusian. Fun, fun.

Next time: “The Bomb”


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