My Thoughts on Story 022 – “The Massacre”

That was terrible. Just terrible. There was very little good, redeeming, or interesting about this story.

Well, ok, the costumes were pretty decent.

It’s easy to say where this story failed: it was a historical covering a subject that’s fairly obscure outside France. That in of itself isn’t a huge issue, but it also spent way too much time focusing on supporting characters, featured Hartnell in two roles (sort of, and only even then he was only in 75% of the episodes), and in the end it ham-handedly introduced a new companion. The fact that it exists only in reconstructions is just icing on a cake of unhappiness.

It’s a shame. I wanted to like this story. I like a good historical, in fact. But this one just failed. Even I, no real layman when it comes to historical knowledge, was left scratching my head with confusion, and then yawning with boredom.

And really…that’s about all that I can think of to say here. It sucked. Let’s move on.

Writer John Lucarotti
Donald Tosh
Director Paddy Russell
Script editor Donald Tosh
Gerry Davis
Producer John Wiles
Executive producer(s) None
Incidental music composer Stock music by Pierre Arvey
Production code W
Series Season 3
Length 4 episodes, 25 minutes each
Episode(s) missing All 4 episodes
Date started 5 February 1966
Date ended 26 February 1966

Next episode: “The Steel Sky”

Next story: “The Ark”


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