Episode 106 – “Bell of Doom”

Well, here’s the last episode. No doubt this is when it all hits the fan.

And probably spoils that lovely collar!

Anne has been hiding and now Steven goes to find her. He seems to actually believe the Doctor is dead, which isn’t that unreasonable, I suppose. He’s now looking for the key to the TARDIS, which is sensible. Of course then the Doctor shows up, so that ends all discussion.

Meantime, we have historical people doing…things…and…and…*yawn*…zzzz…

The Doctor is blaming Steven for his current situation. No one has so far commented on how amazing it is that the Doctor and the abbot looked and sounded exactly alike. Steven mentions it a bit, but not much. One would think this would be a major thing.

Ole Doc finally puts two and two together and realizes that a shitstorm is about to hit Paris. He and Steven begin to make their way to the TARDIS. This is good, because we then cut to historical figures busy planning a massacre. At least one of them seems to be less-than-thrilled by this idea, which is good.

Then the TARDIS takes off just as the massacre of Protestants begins, which is more than a little anti-climatic. Fear not, though; we get a whole series of historical woodcuts showing the chaos, which is…good, I guess? It does go on a bit long.

Then we’re back in the TARDIS. Steven and the Doctor briefly discuss what happened. Steven is a little pissed, and vows to leave the TARDIS as soon as it lands. We then cut to video footage, indicating that we’re almost done with this story.

The TARDIS lands, Steven leaves, the Doctor talks with himself for a bit. He’s quite sad, talking about how “they’ve all gone”, which is actually a rather nice touch. He’s even pondering going back to his own planet.

Then we cut to a young girl running. She dashes into the TARDIS, presumably thinking that it’s a police box. I can’t understand a thing she’s saying. This could be the accent, or possibly the sound quality. Either way, say hi to Dodo. Steven runs back into the TARDIS in a bit of a panic, the Doctor takes off, and we have a new passenger.

Next time: “The Steel Sky”


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