Episode 105 – “Priest of Death”

Ah, the second-to-last episode, or rather, the penultimate episode. You know, until just a few years ago, I thought “penultimate” actually meant “last”. Live and learn.

And be amused at what pops up when you Google Image search “priest of death doctor who”

So Steven and Anne are chilling, and I have to say that one of the bright sides to this story is that the two actors have good chemistry. If the show’s writers had decided to have Steven fall in love with Anne and remain in France, that might have actually been rather plausible and kind of neat!

Meantime, some supporting characters are bad-mouthing Elizabeth and expositing history while I yawn. This surprises me. I actually do enjoy history and learning about it, and yet this is so darn dull!

Steven meets the Abbot and is surprised to find out that he’s actually not the Doctor. It’s almost like the odds of two people both looking and sounding almost exactly the same are so overwhelmingly large that…you know, I started that sarcasm so long ago, I don’t even remember where I planned to stop it. C’est la vie.

Someone gets shot and I continue to shrug a bit. Seems that the abbot was involved somehow. Eh. We’re told later that someone “tried” to shoot the man in question, and said man was grievously injured. Well, if someone only “tried” to shot, they would have missed, wouldn’t they? Yeah, I ‘m down to nitpicking the language.

So the Abbot seems to have been killed, and people are blaming the Huguenots, as one does. The fact that this character wasn’t especially important to the story makes Hartnell playing him all that more odd. At least with “Enemy of the World”, Salamander was a major character.

Ah! Andrew Sachs was in this! I knew that guy looked familiar.

Next time: “Bell of Doom”


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