Episode 104 – “The Sea Beggar”

Well, here we are once again. In a situation where it’s hard for me to tell what screencaps I can find on Google go with what episodes. But this shot seems to be on a boat, so that’s encouraging, judging by the title.

“For the last time, we are not calling the ship Boaty McBoatface!”

So Steven is wandering around the tavern looking to see if anyone came looking for him. Meantime, other people (I can’t really keep straight who is who here), are looking for a woman named Anne Chaplet. SPOILERS: The Doctor’s next companion has the same last name! Gasp!

Ian spots the abbot…or perhaps the Doctor. This lookalike business is just silly. To be fair, it works very well in the later Second Doctor serial, “Enemy of the World”, but that’s just a very different story altogether, ie: it’s actually good.

I think I’ve twigged to one problem with this story, and it isn’t helped at all by the reconstruction nature. The problem is that there are long stretches of the story where we don’t see Steven or the Doctor. I’m in a part right now where we’ve spent several minutes in dialogue between two supporting characters discussing current events. It’s a bit of a yawner.

Anne Chaplet has the most English of accents, which makes me kind of raise an eyebrow as I realize that basically no one here is trying for a French accent. I wonder why that is.

Hartnell isn’t in this episode, having been on yet another vacation, so wonderful choice, people 50 years ago, to put him in two roles in this story.

So we have yet another reconstruction of a sword fight, which manages to be even more boring than the very boring ones in “The Myth Makers” and “Marco Polo”. So dull.

Steven is trying to find out who the Sea Beggar is. Is it just me, or is that obviously the name of a ship? Then again, he’s from several hundred years in the future, so I can understand his confusion, I suppose. I mean, ok, that isn’t what it was, but it should have been! It should have been.

Next time: “Priest of Death”


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