Episode 101 – “The Abandoned Planet”

Well, our last episode was in glorious video. This one is not. So let’s resign ourselves to that.

And to costumes that would get you laughed out of any self-respecting convention.

Chen and the Daleks return to the base, with Chen bragging about how amazing and wonderful he is, while at the same time smack-talking the Daleks. Yes, he’s an evil twat, but you gotta admire the guy’s style.

Meantime, the Doctor and friends have a conversation I can only barely hear. To be honest, I’m largely tuning out at this point. This story is entirely too long, and these reconstructions are well-made, but not cutting it for me.

By the time my attention returns, Trump Chen is making a speech about how great he is. The festivities seem to come to hit a bit of a speed bump when Chen shoots a guy, but the meeting continues on for a bit despite that. It features all the excitement you’d expect of a meeting, and it’s a relief when the Daleks break it up.

We now cut to Sara and Steven wandering around the Dalek base, looking for ways to cause trouble, and apparently trying to find a way to contact the Daleks. They find a communicator and Sara tries to use it, but instead of reaching the Daleks, they get in touch with Chen and company, who are currently being held imprisoned. Chen is convinced that Sara must have really come to find him, which is kind of hilarious.

Steven and Sara free the Chen and company and watch as their ships take off. Chen’s ship blows up, leaving our heroes hoping that everyone else gets out to warn the universe about the Daleks. They then go wandering around and find a Dalek heading into an underground base and then Chen pops up, and I take a deep breath of satisfaction over the fact that we have only one more episode to go.

Next time: “Destruction of Time”


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