Episode 100 – “Escape Switch”

This episode opens with a mummy. I had planned to make the obvious joke, but apparently no one in the Google Image search results ever bothered to do that screencap. So I get this instead.

How about, “Once again, Doctor Jones, what was briefly yours is now mine.”

Look, I don’t have a lot to work with here.

The mummy turns out to be the Monk, for some reason. We then cut to the Daleks and Chen who have a bit of a shouting match. It ends with Chen bitch-slapping a Dalek and storming off. Let me say that again. He actually bitch-slaps a Dalek and walks away alive.

We cut back to the Monk, who tries to get into the TARDIS. Sara and Steven aren’t quite buying into his buffet of BS, so instead they all go off to find the Doctor, while Chen and the Daleks (which sounds like the worst band ever), go off to do the same thing. Sara is then surprised by a Dalek who, near as I can tell, snuck up on her from in front.

There are some baffled Egyptians in this episode, too, one of whom refers to the Daleks as “war machines”. No, no. Wrong story.

Chen gets onto a loudspeaker, trying to get the Doctor to return…return…return what you have stolen!

(on a side note, I dimly recall that scene giving me nightmares when I was a kid)

The Doctor goes to strike up a bargain that would free Team TARDIS as the Monk. Both sides of this bargain, of course, plan to betray one another. The deal appears to go forward, and then a bunch of Egyptians show up to red shirt all over the place. At the end, we find out that the Doctor had planned to betray Magic Mavic Chen and give him some fake minerals, but ended up having to give them the real ones. Whoops. Still, the Doctor has another plan to get everyone away safely, as the Monk ends up in the frozen land of Nador.

Next episode: “The Abandoned Planet”


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