Episode 099 – “Golden Death”

So last night I saw kind of a meh movie. But there you are. Now I’m back here, and ready to watch…well, what’s probably going to be a rather meh episode in a rather meh serial.


We start off with the Daleks and their little plan to conquer the universe. I yawn a bit, and we then find ourselves in ancient Egypt, because why the hell not? Mavic Chen is with them, and they all do some evilish plotting. Then we go to the Doctor and the TARDIS crew working to repair damage that the ship has sustained.

As the Doctor talks, I can’t help but notice that Hartnell seems to have a sore throat. I’m rather surprised they didn’t just have him not be in this episode. It seems like they’ve managed that just fine with many others.

The Daleks go chasing after the TARDIS crew and show up in Egypt. Steven and Sara see the ship arrive, but they believe it, briefly, to be the Monk’s TARDIS. They soon learn better. Meantime, some Egyptians with spears go off to fight the Daleks. This ends very well for the Daleks!

We then cut to the Doctor, wandering around the build site. He happens to see the Monk’s TARDIS arrive, and  chuckles a bit. And in the meantime, Steven and Sara are being interrogated by an Egyptian guy and I frankly start to lose focus. But that’s the same thing the story has done, so there you are.

Then the Monk shows up wearing sunglasses, and I smile a bit.

There’s some stuff that happens, including a bit of drama with the Monk and the Doctor, and then we go to Sara and Steven in a tomb about to be killed by a mummy or something. So…yeah. It continues.

Next time: “Escape Switch”


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