Episode 098 – “Volcano”

Just a quick heads-up! No article tomorrow, as I’ll be seeing  a movie.

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating in the 50s, how could it not be good?

But tonight we have “Volcano”. So let’s get on with that, shall we?

So we’re back to the main plotline, with Mavic Chen being all evily and stuff, while hanging with some rather bizarre aliens that we’ve seen before. We cut between them and Team TARDIS, who are busying themselves on a plan to stop the Daleks.

There’s some other stuff, and then we progress to a rather odd scene where the TARDIS arrives on a cricket field…pitch…glen? I don’t know where one plays cricket. It’s a cute, but rather pointless interlude, which I’m sure provided much inspiration for Douglas Adams down the line.

The TARDIS then arrives at the titular volcano, and who do we find there? The Monk. Yes, he’s arrived and is waiting for everyone. He meddles with the TARDIS a bit, and I can’t help but notice that he’s wearing the same clothes as he was in the 11th century. But I suppose by now they’ve become a…*puts on sunglasses*…habit.

The Monk taunts our heroes and leaves them in a death trap which they escape with incredible ease. We then return to the Daleks and Chen, just chillin’. And…not much else really happens. Kind of a dull story, to be honest.

Next episode: “Golden Death”


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