Episode 097 – “The Feast of Steven”

Sorry I missed out yesterday. I had a couple of friends over and we watched North by Northwest. Excellent movie. Fear not, though, I bring you holiday greetings to make up for my absence!

It’s the gif that keeps on giving!

This is a very odd episode. We have a brief encounter with police on “modern” Earth, and well as a diversion onto a silent film era version of a film set. It’s a very stand-alone story, which is of course the point; it was broadcast on a day when the expectation was that most people watching it wouldn’t have seen the previous six parts.

Sadly, this means this episode was never shown overseas. So while I think we can all hope for recoveries of almost all the other missing episodes, this one is probably gone forever. It’s quite annoying, because this is obviously a very visual and kinetic episode, and while the people who did the reconstruction try their best, it just doesn’t quite hold up.

This episode is full of much in the way of light comedy, which is fine. We get a cute little cameo by Charles Chaplin, which was likely inevitable, and we get a cameo by someone playing Bing Crosby, which is…odd. But whatever.

There’s really not much of consequence that happens here, but it’s all reasonably entertaining. And then the story comes to an end with Hartnell wishing the audience a happy Christmas.

There are certainly worse endings.

Next time: “Volcano”


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