Episode 096 – “Coronas of the Sun”

Turns out it’s very difficult to find screenshots for certain episodes, especially when you haven’t seen them yet, so you aren’t sure if they actually go to that particular episode or a different one. In this case, I couldn’t find any, so instead enjoy this picture of a fluffy bunny rabbit.

Totes adorbes!

When last we saw our heroes, they’d been captured by the Daleks, who are well-known for taking prisoners, provided you’re the Doctor or one of this allies/another important character. They want the Doctor hand over the McGuffin he’s carrying, and the reason they don’t shoot at him is because apparently it could cause an explosion. Happily, at that moment, an invisible creature attacks. It’s every bit as dramatic as you’d expect for a situation where one enemy is invisible, and it’s all done through still photos.

To the credit of the people who made this reconstruction, they do try to do some interesting things. For example, they have some CGI-ish Daleks that move around in a couple of scenes, and they do have flashing lights in the background and stuff. It’s nice to see the effort.

The Doctor and Steven try to mess with the Daleks, which doesn’t work perfectly, but works well enough. They manage to get into their ship, along with Sara Kingdom, and zip off. Mavic Chen is shown to be smirking when he hears this. He also mocks the Daleks for their failure.

The Doctor is trying to mock up a fake of the mineral the Daleks want. This leads to an amusing scene between the three of them discussing different types of energy generation, and in that one scene, Sara manages more characterization than Katarina managed in three-and-a-half episodes.

The TARDIS crew arrive and are met by Chen and some Daleks. Sara is generally displeased to see him, but they cut a little deal whereby the Doctor is allowed to return to his TARDIS. Not a wise course of action. Of course Steven gets away, having been protected by a force field, and the TARDIS flies off, and there you are.

Next time: “The Feast of Steven”


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