Episode 094 – “The Traitors”

Well, here we go. Katarina’s final episode. The first time a “companion” dies, but certainly not the first time a guest star dies, which is what she really is. Still, farewell, Katarina, we hardly knew ye.

Or cared.

Before that sweetness happens, we go back to the Daleks, plotting and talking, as they do. They’re a bit stroppy, as Daleks so often are.

We then cut to the spaceship, where our heroes are struggling to escape from the prisoner who is holding Katarina hostage. They end up stuck in an airlock, and things escalate from there. This rather pivotal scene seems to exist in full, and so we get glorious video as Katarina and her captor get ejected into space.


I mean, look, I had nothing against the character, but she really wasn’t terribly interesting. The idea of a backwards character being brought into a strange, future situation, can be interesting if done right (see: Jamie, Leela), but Katarina was not done right. She just wasn’t terribly bright not interesting. She wasn’t a very good character. She certainly wasn’t a companion, any more than Adam Mitchell was. And I don’t miss her.

We go from there to an extended scene of Mavic Chen and company doing their evil things. He’s an interesting enough character, but the yellowface does kind of drag it down a bit for me. Not badly; this isn’t Mickey Rooney, after all. But still.

So Katarina is gone, but on the plus side, we have the arrival of Sara Kingdom, space cop. Hooray! She’s much more interesting than Katarina. There are a few little scenes of talk and action and then she turns up to fight the TARDIS Team. She kills Bret while trying to get the Macguffin from him, and then, surprisingly, we go to a video clip, which is kind of nice.

Next time: “Counterplot”


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