Episode 093 – “Devil’s Planet”

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So the Doctor arrives at the ship just in time, of course, and he and the TARDIS crew, along with the Brig’s distant relative, all escape. As one knows they would. The Daleks then talk about how “all is ready for their space-extinction!” Well, then.

The Doctor thinks the Daleks plan to take over the universe beginning by invading Earth, then conquering the solar system. Because, I guess, Earth is the most important place ever.

Mavic Chen, meantime, meets with his various allies. The Daleks aren’t too happy that Zephon, the weird cloaked alien,”let” the Doctor get away with their special Macguffin mineral. One would think all the Daleks would do is just exterminate him and…oh, wait. They do just that. Well, fair enough.

We go to the Doctor and company trying to get away and warn Earth, and this leads to an extended video clip of them approaching a prison planet. Neat!

Now we go to said prison world where violent things are happening, because this is a drama, so of course they are. They find out about the TARDIS team’s spaceship and go to investigate with a plan to kill everyone and steal it. This leads to a scene where Bret calls the Doctor “grandpa”, which amuses me.

The prisoners try to attack the ship, but this doesn’t end well, thanks to the Doctor being rather clever. Though perhaps not clever enough, as Katarina soon discovers!

Next time: “The Traitor”


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