Episode 092 – “Day of Armageddon”

More like, “Armageddon outta here!” Right? Right?


Well, here we are, back in a brief island of video among a sea of reconstructions, and we start, oddly enough, with the Daleks knocking on the TARDIS door. This may be worse than having Witnesses do the same, but it’s a close call.

Apparently the Daleks are planning to execute Operation Inferno. This is appropriate, since we do have a mustacheless Brigadier wandering about.

So Mavic Chen, guardian of the solar system. He’s presumably Asian, since he’s got a vaguely Chinese last name (though a vaguely Croat first name). He’s played here by a white guy in what seems to be yellowface. I am…disappointed. On the other hand, he seems to be a treasonous bastard, so maybe it’s for the best he’s not played by an Asian actor. To be fair, this actor, who returns later in “The Invasion”,  is actually quite good in the role, but still.

He gets visited by a walking scarecrow who’s trying to cosplay as Death. The two plot and scheme, as one does. The Daleks are planning to keep an extra-close eye-stalk on Chen, which seems wise.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen Katarina moving, and let’s address this elephant in the room right now: she’s not a companion. Not even slightly. She’s in all of 15 minutes of one story, and maybe 90 minutes of another. She’s no more a companion than Grace, Astrid Peth, or any of the other guest stars. Yes, she was planned to be a companion, but that failed, and so here we are. And for the record, Sara Kingdom, who pops up later? Totally a companion, but at least in part due to Big Finish. We’ll get to this concept later.

Bret and the Doctor argue about their plans on how to advance. I must say that I can see why they later cast Courtney as the Brigadier. He’s got a good presence here, and does a great job acting against Hartnell.

The Daleks’ alliance arrives, and I have to say that again, this is a great example of the series really trying when it comes to aliens. The makeup and prosthetics are minimally successful, but some of the actors at least try to act alien, which helps. Though one of the aliens has feet and hands that are distressingly reminiscent of the Tree Man of Bangladesh. Feel free to Google Image that, and as you do, remember that God is perfect and all-loving.

Next time: “Devil’s Planet”


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