Character Profile – Vicki (Pallister)

And there goes Vicki, after only a handful of stories. She will be missed.

38 episodes, and 9 stories. It wasn’t enough!

Vicki was from the late 25th century. The TARDIS team met her on a distant alien world where she was being held captive by a sinister weirdo. They rescued her and took her with them on their adventures in time and space.

Vicki (no last name given, but called Pallister in the novels), was a vibrant, exciting young lady. Often happy, but not obnoxiously perky, she brought a good energy to the series, especially in contrast with Susan, who was too often poorly and inconsistently written.

Vicki, bizarrely, elected to remain in roughly 1250 BC where she’d met a young man and fallen in love. This seems an odd choice, and it seems more like the writers didn’t really know what they were going to do with her once the actress had announced she was leaving. Indeed, in the spin-off fiction she’s been portrayed as being very unhappy in ancient times, several thousand years before her birth.

Fortunately, Maureen O’Brien has returned on several occasions and recorded audio stories for Big Finish. There haven’t been any that were hugely notable, but they’ve all generally been good, and essentially have focused on filling in the blanks in the First Doctor’s timeline. They’ve been a welcome addition.

So we say farewell to Vicki. She’s replaced, very briefly, by Katarina, and almost as briefly by Sara Kingdom. But then we move on and get Dodo, and…well, yeah. We got that to look forward to.


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