My Thoughts On Story 020 – “The Myth Makers”

Shades of Homer, somewhat iffy history, and proof that sometimes being right isn’t enough. It’s time to reflect on “The Myth Makers”!

I think he’s about to tell them to get off his lawn.

There wasn’t much actual history in this historical, was there? There’s lots of myth and legend, but we have no idea how much of what Homer wrote about the Trojan war was accurate. Did it really start over a woman? Did it really go on for several years? We don’t even know if Odysseus was real. It’s certainly unlikely that the horse was.

But none of that matters overly much, as the story of The Iliad is interesting in of itself. Take the Doctor and company and drop them into the waning days of the war, and you have the potential for something very neat.

Which is exactly what we got here. The story was very well done, with some light comedy touches, some fascinating characters (like Odysseus and Cassandra), and probably some great fight scenes, though it’s hard to say due to the nature of the reconstruction here.

It was also a story that ended Vicki’s travels in the TARDIS and was intended to bring us a new companion in the form of Katarina. In that last part, it fails dramatically. Katarina is introduced almost as an afterthought in the final episode of the story. Contrast this with later companions, like Ace, Tegan, Nyssa, Adric, Ben, Polly, etc, who got full stories to introduce themselves to us as characters.

But that complaint aside, this is a good, solid, entertaining story, and one that I’d very much like to see recovered, since I think it, like “Galaxy 4”, suffers mightily from the reconstruction format.

Writer Donald Cotton
Director Michael Leeston-Smith
Script editor Donald Tosh
Producer John Wiles
Executive producer(s) None
Incidental music composer Humphrey Searle
Production code U
Series Season 3
Length 4 episodes, 25 minutes each
Episode(s) missing All episodes
Date started 16 October 1965
Date ended 6 November 1965

Next episode: “The Nightmare Begins”

Next story: “The Dalek Master Plan”


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