Episode 090 – “Horse of Destruction”

Here we have Vicki’s final episode, which is a bit sad. At least she leaves for love, which is something that…actually, a lot of companions do. Susan, though not by choice, Jo Grant, Leela, Nyssa. It seems to be one of those things. Never the male companions, mind you. Always the women.

He’s cute and all, but not worth spending the rest of one’s life in the 1250 BC vicinity.

Cassandra continues to be right, but also kind of a bitch. Then Katarina shows up, almost as an afterthought. She’s introduced here, barely, and is gone shortly thereafter. She was intended to be a companion, but really failed as such, so they wrote her out quick. I don’t consider her a companion; just a co-star.

Meantime, Oddy and the Doctor continue to hang around in the horse, where they have a brief, loud, discussion on philosophy. They appear to be the only ones in it, from what the reconstruction shows. The quality on this reconstruction is good, but the format itself has some limits to what it can do.

We get some lovey-dovey stuff between Vicki and Troilus, with her convincing him to leave the city on a pointless quest, but then we’re quickly back to the horse, where we see the Greeks coming out and attacking the Trojans, and it’s played rather interestingly, as near as I can tell. Lots of silent, stealthy stuff with the Doctor looking on in horror.

Out on  the plains, Troilus gets into a fight with Achilles and wins, though not without getting badly wounded in the process. Still, he’s not quite dead.

The battle sweeps its way through Troy with Odysseus leading the charge into Priam’s court. He has Casandra led away, who curses him to spend another ten years looking for his home. Meantime, Vicki has a silent farewell with the Doctor, and Katarina and Steven show up at the TARDIS. Everyone ducks inside and they’re off, minus Vicki.

In our final scene with Vicki, she goes to the plains outside the city and meets up with Troilus. They have a jolly heart-to-heart, and that’s the last we ever see of Vicki Palister. A happy ending, I suppose, or at least, happy enough.

Next time: “The Nightmare Begins”


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