Episode 089 – “Death of a Spy”

So here we are, episode three, which features the face that launched a thousand ships! Launched ’em straight back to where they came from! Boom!

Good to see Clint Howard was getting work back then.

That Cassandra. What a bitch. Doesn’t take criticism well, either.

This story is quite a bit more comedy than I’d expected. Not quite as much as “The Womans Romans”, but close. There is quite a bit of witty dialogue, and Paris is terribly amusing.

So the Doctor is trying to win over Oddy by building some paper airplanes as a way of bringing down Troy. I’m not sure why he doesn’t just suggest the horse and be done with it. Dramatic tension, I suppose. To be fair, they did have a scene in the previous episode where he dismisses the idea as a fantasy.

Meantime, Vicki and Steven are working on plots of their own, with Vicki’s in direct opposition to the Doctor’s. So that should be fun. Also, Vicki is getting kind of cuddly with Troilus, who claims to be seventeen. This is very much an informed attribute, since the actor playing him looks about as seventeen as Carole Anne Ford looked fifteen.

The Doctor gets desperate and finally suggest the horse, which ole Oddy really likes as an idea. No shock there.

Vicki’s flirting with Troilus is quite hilarious, as is Steven’s reaction to it. Not so much jealousy, though perhaps a twinge of that, but quite a bit of annoyance. We do also get Vicki musing about how much she could enjoy living in Troy. #foreshadowing

It’s rather impressive how quickly the Greeks knocked together the horse. It seems that someone just had several tons of bespoke lumber lying around with no purpose, so what the heck. Build a horse.

The Trojans of course pull the horse into town. Priam and Paris are both quite pleased, and no one stops to realize that, hey, this is rather convenient and large enough to hide people inside. Well, with one notable exception.

Cassandra lives up to her name by sharing ill omens. She’s played off as a bit of a bad egg, but it’s worth noting that she’s 100% accurate. I wonder if that’s any consolation to the character later.

Next episode: “Horse of Destruction”


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