Episode 087 – “Temple of Secrets”

And now we visit rustic Troy, circa the Trojan War. We see Achilles fighting Hector, because why not? Clearly this story is full of a great deal of, yes, I’m going to make this joke, Homereroticism.

“Yes, gentlemen, it was a dark time, full of many terrible jokes.”

The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven are watching this fight from the inside of the TARDIS. The Doctor and Vicki decide to go out to investigate. Steven wants to, but the Doctor slaps him down by saying the locals likely wouldn’t appreciate his sarcasm. #prebcburn #thatsgottahurt

Achilles begins to get hectored by his enemy, but just in time, the Doctor walks out of the TARDIS and is, naturally, mistaken for Zeus. Achilles stabs Hector, and the Doctor quickly slips into his role as a god. Clearly he paid attention to the advice from the Ghostbusters.

This is a reconstruction, as, alas, none of this story remains intact. This is a pity, but at least in this case, Loose Canon really did a great job. This is a very professional restoration and looks quite good! Great sound, too.

Odysseus has shown up, and seems a bit skeptical of the fight between Hector and Achilles. He doesn’t for a moment believe the Doctor is Zeus. Reasonable. I’m sure mocking the gods will in no way ever back fire on him.

We have a bit of a discussion among some Greeks, the cut to a soldier placing a tribute at the base of the TARDIS. Interesting.

The Doctor tries a bit of cleverness to prove that he’s a god. This is not a total success, but nor is it a total failure.

Sarcasm or not, Steven has made his way outside the TARDIS, and is out to find the Doctor. He hides from a few soldiers here and there.

A one-eyed man known as Cyclops shows up to tell what he’s seen. I half expect him to say he saw Nobody, or perhaps Nobody No-One, but no such luck, since he can’t talk. Steven then shows up and gets to encounter some real sarcasm when Odysseus lays into him. #greeksarcasm #itsalltrojantome

Then we see that the TARDIS is gone! *gasp!*

Next time: “Small Prophet, Quick Return”


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