Episode 085 – “The Exploding Planet”

Here we are at the final episode of this story. The previous episode was full-motion, and very engaging and interesting. This one is a reconstruction. Shall we make some guesses here?

This guy certainly looks more interesting in full-motion.

Steven is still stuck in the air lock, and hasn’t quite gotten the obvious answer of “shoot the door to get out”. Meantime, there’s a Chumbly wandering around while the Drahvins stand around and watch.

So…some apparently lobs a gas grenade into the Drahvin base. It takes me a moment to figure out exactly what’s going on in that shot. This somehow enables the Doctor and Vicki to spring Steven from his trap. Alright, then.

And, ugh, we’re back to me not being able to understand most of what’s being said. That makes this episode double-fun!

I’m back to being unable to follow this story, but it looks like the Chumblies are no longer functioning and perhaps the Rhil base has been destroyed. But…perhaps not, since I hear the Rhil talking. So I kind of give up.

I can at least kind of follow a discussion between Steven and the Rhil. he doesn’t appear to trust them, which is reasonable under the circumstances.

Terrible though the sound is on this, which really isn’t anyone’s fault, I’ll give credit to the team who did the reconstruction. It’s obvious they tried their best, and they do use lots of clever little effects to simulate motion. It kind of works in some of the scenes.

There’s a bit of a discussion here about the difference in appearance between the Drahvin and the Rhils, and why it is important not to judge people on that basis. It’s kind of a neat little scene dragged down by the fact that I can barely understand it.

So this planet is about to explode. As near as I can tell, it’s supposed to do it in about an hour-and-a-half story time. One would think that there’d be volcanoes and earthquakes and all sorts of nastiness going on. Indeed, there was a small tremor earlier, but…that’s about it. How dull.

The Rhils escape, the Drahvins don’t, and the TARDIS departs, and the story ends. And that’s that. i wish it was more intact, since the story itself seems pretty decent! But, hey, five years ago they found one episode. Perhaps we can find more.

And the story ends, oddly, with a teaser for the next one…

Next time: “Mission to the Unknown”


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