Episode 083 – “Trap of Steel”

After my experiences yesterday, it’s time to sit back, relax, and “enjoy” a reconstruction that, even by reconstruction standards, seems a bit shaky.

Blond and dangerous! Or something.

Man, this really is shaky. The video take this was recorded off of has lots of tracking issues and errors. The sound is terrible, with me barely able to understand anything anyone is saying.The music is way too loud and the dialogue is way too soft. This really is a challenge.

This story is made very hard to follow by the sound issue and the reconstruction itself. I can see Vicki and the lead lady chatting, but I honestly can’t make out anything they’re saying.

I complained about all this to my friend. He said, “You’re behind the times. You should upgrade to Galaxy 7.” Yep.

There is an interesting scene I can actually understand where Steven tries to persuade one of the women of the virtues of equality. This doesn’t go well, but, hey, at least I can understand it.

And for our next episode, we get sound, video, motion…it’s an island of glory in a sea of…well, yeah. This is all good, since I’ve pretty much completely lost track of the story at this point.

Next time: “Air Lock”


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