Episode 082 – “Four Hundred Dawns”

I just finished watching “City of Death” with some friends. It was everything I want in a Doctor Who story. It was in color, it featured actual video, and showed some real production values. And now, post that, I get to begin my long, long series of reconstructions.

Still, at least I have the marshmallow Daleks to enjoy.

So the Doctor, Steven and Vicki, arrive on some far-off, distant, alien world. The reconstruction team actually did a pretty good job of making this scene reasonably dynamic, which is saying something, given how basically boring it is.

The marshmallow Daleks show up pretty quickly. Vicki starts calling them Chumblies, and they’re kind of cute.

I am somewhat surprised how many little clips and snips we have of actual video in this episode. That’s kind of neat.

A couple of ladies have arrived. They aren’t doing much yet; just staring at Team TARDIS. They’ve kind of got potential.

These women are called Drahvin, and they’ve come to save the TARDIS crew from the Chumblies. Which is kind of nice, I guess.

Turns out the Drahvins are at war and…frankly, I’m just kind of distracted at this point, wondering how it is that there are several rather large video clips in this story. I figured it was missing entirely, but there really are several minutes of video.

I must say this is a very slow episode. It isn’t helped by the fact that there are long stretches of boring scenes of nothing. The reconstruction aspect of it doesn’t do it any favors, either.

Overall this episode is…meh. Kind of.

Next time: “Trap of Steel”


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