Episode 081 – “Checkmate”

Normally I watch these stories and write about them at the same time. In this case, that wasn’t possible. So here are my post-viewing thoughts.

Well, at least he didn’t spill gin on the console, Iris.

This remains a strong story that has a strong finish. We find out that the Monk’s goal is to destroy the viking fleet that Harold Godwinson is on his way to defeat. This will free-up Harold and his warriors to go face off against William the Bastard on a more even footing, as they won’t be exhausted. This, he believes, will usher in a golden age for Europe and the world, advancing human progress by several hundred years.

I mean, as motivations go, it isn’t horrible, really. He genuinely believes it will cause things to turn out for the better. That the Doctor, and sanity, disagree is something of a minor inconvenience.

The resolution to the story is clever, and amusing, and doesn’t feel forced, which is nice. However the less said about the final, weird shot of the cast member faces imposed over starfields, the better.

Next time: “Four Hundred Dawns”


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